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Identify the core business.

Hopper identifies itself in different ways. It is a bar and lounge which provides as core business food and beverages. The slogan of Hopper is; One bar, five different faces.
With this slogan they try to segment different groups but a very wide range of people.
One bar for relaxing after the show.
Relaxing and having a talk after a show in “de Lawei”. The theater guests are always welcome to Hopper to have another drink or small bite to eat after the show.
One bar for lunch and dinner.
Mondays through Sunday they serve lunch between 12:00 o’clock and 14:00 o’clock. It is also possible to simply stop by to get a cup of coffie or tea or meet with friends. Wilt If guests would like to dine, this is
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Enhancing supplementary services add extra value for customers. These services are; consultation, hospitality, safekeeping and exceptions.
( Christopher H. Lovelock 2007)

Customers often require information about how to obtain and use a product or service. They may also need reminders and documentation. Information like for example: service hours, prices, instructions on using services, confirmation and hanges of reservation and receipts & tickets. ( Christopher H. Lovelock 2007)
At café Hopper guests receive information through the magazine about theater and a combination of theater and dinner. This magazine is published every year around September or October and has all the information for the comming year. The guests can also call the reservation department or the reception if they have questions. Also on their website is information about live music.

Order taking
Many goods and services must be ordered or reserved in advance. Customers need to know what is available and may want to secure commitment to delivery.
Order entry could for example be;
On-site order fulfillment in a restaurant, telephone order placement at a take away restaurant or e-mail or web order placement for hotel reservations. ( Christopher H. Lovelock 2007)

A t Hopper the guests can simply walk in when they have decided to get a drink or have lunch or dinner there. Ordering is from the menu, given to the guest.

Billing and

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