The Florida Seminole Wars 1817-1858 Essay

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Throughout the United States early history Florida was the site of the countries deadliest and most ferocious military battles in the country. With the expansion of the United States came the acquisition Native American Territories. This vast expansion left the United States at odds with the natives and many times the government simply forced the Natives to relocate to distant lands without any form of compensation. These disagreements would culminate in Florida in the 19th century with three Seminole wars which pitted the local native Seminoles versus the ever expanding United States government. Historian Joe Ketch studied the intricacies of the three wars and the events leading up to the conflicts in his book titled “The Florida Seminole wars 1817-1858”. The United States government claimed numerous reasons for the enactment of all three wars but in reality the United States had to expand geographically in order to ease their growing population and this was achieved through violent conflicts involving native relocation.
The first Seminole War grew out of the War of1812 where a brash general named Andrew Jackson acted against Government directives and decide to invade Spanish Florida to rid the area of what he considered an Indian thereat. Natives were reported to have conducted violent and threating activities along Florida’s boarder states such as Georgia which was constantly complaining to the government about the need for a solution. Andrew Jackson along with many…

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