Essay The Flood Of California From The San Francisco Chronicle

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The first water article I found is about the drought in California from the San Francisco Chronicle. This article explains that Californian officials are examining how to distribute water during the summer (Mount & Hanak, 2015). The water must be distributed between the agricultural, urban, and environmental use. An example that is given is the reservoirs need to release water for the fish in the spring but still hold enough water for the farmers (Mount & Hanak, 2015). It is a balancing act. The authors cite a report by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, in the report the department stated about 95 percent of the winter Chinook salmon died because there was not enough water in the rivers (Mount & Hanak, 2015). For the years 2015, the water project managers want to increase the amount of water directed to agriculture and urban use. This means taking water away from environmental areas. The author of the article suggests California looks to Australia for guidance in determining what to do with the water (Mount & Hanak, 2015). Australia went through a near decade long drought were they looked after the environment so as not to have regrettable consequences in the future. I chose this article because it illustrates how each person needs to understand that the water he or she uses needs to be used wisely. It also examines that our interests need to be placed in the future.
My second article I choose an article about a water pipe breaking in Newark, Delaware from The News…

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