The Flies By William Golding Essay example

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We as individuals are different in our own way, making us unique to one another and that 's the best thing about being human. However it’s not, our own unique individualities is the key problem for us as a society to have change. Making it even harder and impossible for one to change society. In the Lord of The Flies, a novel by William Golding tells a story about young schoolboys trapped on an island. Lived in paradise until the true human nature takes over turning boys into savages. “The Lottery,” a short story by Shirley Jackson a short about a small village that have chosen to follow traditions without questioning the true meaning. Winning the lottery means an ironical death of the chosen person. “Harrison Bergeron,” a short story by Kurt Vonnegut is about the year 2081 where everyone is “equal” under the U.S law because they are handicapped to be the same. Harrison, the protagonist, rebels by escaping from jail to justice and killed. An individual can not change society because people fear change, changing a group’s perspective is too difficult, and people don 't believe in someone who does look worthy of change.
Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that controls people in every possible way whether an individual knows it’s right or wrong. In “Harrison Bergeron” fear continuously set certain beliefs in the citizen’s minds controlling their actions and life. “Ballerinas technicians, musicians, and announcers cowered on their knees before him, expecting to die.”…

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