Essay about The Flaws Of Pride And Pride

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Of the many flaws that all of humanity exhibits, pride is certainly among them. Pride can be defined as a high or ordinate opinion of one’s own dignity or importance. Though in most cases pride is considered inappropriate, there are some times when it is seen as normal or even acceptable to obtain pride. This kind of pride being “authentic pride” (Wubben, De Cramer, Van Dijk ). For example, when one secures a long awaited promotion in their job, or when a parent watches their son or daughter excel in an area for the first time--these are times when being prideful is seen as normal. However, there are certain situations in life when possessing pride is seen as distasteful or inappropriate. This kind of pride being “hubristic pride” (Wubben, De Cramer, Van Dijk ). Likewise, being known as someone who is prideful is not desired by many. Along with pride, revenge is one of the many actions that humans should not get involved with, but do anyways. Revenge can be defined as when one inflicts punishment on another in a usually vindictive manner. Humans tend to get revenge on other humans when they feel that someone did something that, in their eyes, deserves vengeance. Pride and revenge go together hand-in-hand, because sometimes one’s pride can cause someone to want to avenge them, or because sometimes one feels the need to get revenge on someone else because of their own pride. In his poem “The Cask of Amontillado,” Edgar Allen Poe heavily utilizes irony to highlight the…

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