The Flaws Of Maria Jesus Essay

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Maria Jesus did have some flaws though that made her a mean person. She liked to drink and was what you can call an alcoholic. She would send Maria to go her some alcohol with Coca-Cola. Maria would feel really embarrassed doing this and would sometimes not get her any. This is when Maria Jesus would begin to treat her wrong. She would get drunk or leave and this meant that Maria would have to give her son food when he came home. She would serve him and treat him as if he was her husband. This led him to get mixed signals about her and do what he did. For this reason Maria was full of resentment over Maria Jesus, because she felt that she knew about what her son was doing but never really did anything about it.
Maria had many downs and unhappy moments in her childhood, but she found a way around them and searched for the things that made her happy. One moment in which Maria was happy was when she was about eight, and she was playing with her friends. She would go down to wear all the people threw away their things with her friends. There her and her friends would find old shoes and clothes; they would use these to play dress up. Since she didn’t have any siblings her age, this was a time where she could be with people her own age and just let go of all her troubles.
Another point in was in her late childhood to early teens. When she left with her the other family she went to after she left Maria Jesus, she was about thirteen or so. At this point in her life was when she…

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