Essay about The Flawed Logic Of Chinese Culture

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Across the different nations of East Asia, systems of writing evolved and changed throughout history. Korea as a nation began to develop its own system of writing in 1443, with political opposition. An official under King Sejong the leader of Korea at this time expressed great fear of this development. The official Ch’oe Malli believed that the creation of their own writing system would divide the country, cause social disorder and equate them to the same level as other nations known as barbarians. His argument lied in that barbarians could only be transformed by adopting Chinese ways and the possibility did not exist for Chinese ways to be influenced by the barbarians. This essay will exhibit the flawed logic within this statement and demonstrate that Chinese culture has remained fluid through history and has been greatly influenced by barbarians contrary to what Malli stated. To contradict his statement this paper will properly illustrate the logic that Ch’oe Malli’s had at time and demonstrate how barbarians have significantly transformed the region of East Asia.

To properly evaluate Ch’oe Malli’s position, Korea’s position in relation to China must be put into context. The earliest recorded history of Korea was an invasion by Han China in which they conquered the state of Choson and founded four administrative states known as commanderies. Eventually the Korean people of Koguryo who once originally ruled took back power and absorbed the commanderies into the state…

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