The Flaw Of Religion : Flannery O ' Connor 's A Good Man Essay

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George Villarreal
Dr. Salinas
ENGL 1302.711
31 July 2014
The Flaw of Religion
Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” is a literary satire of the religious experiences between the Misfit and the Grandmother. The story focuses on the symbolic importance of the Grandmother’s last moments before her moment of grace, while the misfit is pointing a gun at her. While O’Connor’s textual description argues for an intrusion of divine intervention, it also leaves the reader questioning the Grandmother’s motive throughout the story. The Misfit’s presence in the story concludes that O’Connor’s projection of evil leaves an opportunity for the reader to subjectively understand the Misfit’s spiritual transformation literally and figuratively. O’Connor is very descriptive in contrasting her religious symbolism while merging the trajectory of good vs. evil in her story. The ending of the story suggests that the Grandmother’s interpretation of good extravagates her superficial religious ideals. The Grandmother and the Misfit are both confronted with spiritual conflict, therefore each of their views on religion and salvation are flawed.
The Grandmother’s moment of grace was a product of fear after the Misfit alluded that he was going to kill her regardless of her attempts to convince him that he was a good man. The Misfit is introduced from the beginning of the story by the Grandmother, which alludes to the ultimate irony in the story because the Grandmother is the driving…

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