Essay on The Five Steps Of Emotional Coaching

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Parenting class - Lesson plan
1. Objective: I will teach the five steps of emotional coaching from the Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child parenting program using the following teaching methods and activities from TNGC: I will be teaching the parents these objectives by first letting them see the five steps themselves and for them to put the steps in the order they think they belong in. Then we will discuss the importance of the order and each of the steps in depth. I will also ask questions that encourage group discussion.
2. Materials needed: Envelopes with the cut out pieces of paper that have the 5 steps of emotional coaching on them. A slide that has the 5 steps on it, so the parents can look back at them for the entire class. Cut outs of the 5 steps in depth.
3. Procedure:
1- Minute First I am going to introduce the book Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child to the parents.
2- Min. I am going to give the parents an envelope with the 5 steps in it and ask them to read them and put them in the order they believe they belong in.
5 steps of emotion coaching
1. Being aware of the child’s emotions.
2. Recognizing the emotion as an opportunity.
3. Listening empathetically and validating the child’s feelings.
4. Helping the child verbally label emotions.
5. Setting limits while helping the child problem-solve.

2– Min. Then I am going to share a story that the parents will be able to relate to. The Zebra story on pages 69-70 in the book.
3- Min. Next, I…

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