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We wouldn’t really think of sleep as a “problem”, but sleep itself is more complicated then most would think. Every night we lay down for bed unaware of what’s going on in our brain and how it is affecting our bodies. Of course sleep is essential, but if you are not receiving the right amount it can cause a variety of problems. We know too little sleep isn’t good, but did you know that too much is worse than not enough?
When your head hits the pillow and you finally fall asleep, a ninety minute sleep cycle begins. It can be broken down into five stages. Ever wonder why people twitch as they fall asleep? Stage one is when you are in a light sleep and your muscle activity begins to slow down, sometimes causing occasional muscle twitching. Stage
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They said that prolonged increases in cortisol levels shrank the temporal lobe and affected learning and memory.”
Lack of the right sleep you could possible faced with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and even ADHD. So we know it hurts mentally but it does just as much physically. Did you know that too much sleep might be worse than not enough? My attention was drawn to this issue through a statement made by a man on the radio. He stated that research had shown that too much sleep was worse than not enough. So I saw this topic as an opportunity for this research paper. You like that extra hour in bed? You might not after you hear about some health issues that I am about to inform you on. Oversleeping has been linked to heart disease, depression, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and even headaches.
Huffington posts stated that, “Korea research team found that pregnancy rates were lower among women that slept more than eight hours.” So yes, oversleeping can even affect pregnancy in women. What’s even crazier than that? Over sleeping can even cause early death. Apparently there is no specific

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