The Secret To Great Public Speaking Analysis

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In a recent TED talk, Chris Anderson talked about “The Secret to Great Public Speaking”. In this video, Anderson discussed how ideas are transferred. Idea is shared among people. The key to sharing one’s idea is to focus on one idea at a time. He explains that an idea, or an interconnection of neurons in an individual’s brain, will be shared in real-time in other’s brains as they hear of the voice of the speaker. One’s mind, or the thing that makes someone unique can be described as a vast network of ideas. These networks are formed, for example, when you ate your first bowl of cereal, watched your first Power Rangers episode, or when you watched the current political debates and the presidential campaigns. You build your ideas based on the …show more content…
Whether that goal is to become an astronaut or learning the sell, there had to have been some type of influential aspect of the individual’s life that led them to achieve their goals. Motivation plays a huge role in any type of activity. Without motivation the person has nothing that influences them to perform. According to Tomal (2007) motivation in students can be enhanced by developing and meeting their basic human needs. These needs are categorized into the following five stages: basic needs, safety and security, social belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Basic needs include food and restfulness. Safety and security is essential in having a secure and safe environment in which the individual can grow and learn. Social belonging provides the opportunity for individuals to work together and form an interpersonal relationship with each other. The need for esteem is met with positive reinforcement, rewards, and responsibilities attributed to the student. Self-actualization is the utmost category of human needs and it is where the individuals can learn to love their life, jobs, careers, etc. and begin to exercise their creative and innovative …show more content…
This social awareness also leads to the utilizing the social resources such as family, school and the community.

Self-management: Being about to manage oneself in a stressful environment, controlling impulses to not act without thought, and persevering through obstacles. The person sets achievable goals and strives to achieve their goals.

These dimensions of social and emotional learning provides information on how to create an environment where individuals can become better learners and achieve their goals. According to Brown et al, SEL is the process of creating an environment where the student’s needs are met through caring, supporting and responsive

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