The Five Monkeys Case Analysis Essay

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1. Does the Five Monkeys analogy make sense to you? If so then describe an instance from your personal experience that typifies the Five Monkeys situation.
The Five Monkeys analogy reflects corporate culture in that the monkeys held shared values, basic assumptions, and beliefs, which together affected their behavior. I have seen an example of this effect, in my previous workplace where I was a cashier and frequently was in charge of the self-checkout process. I worked at two different Fry’s Stores in two different cities. There were two touch screen monitors that were the controllers of all the self-checkout machines. Then, we were introduced to a handled device that ultimate had the same features but, of course, it was portable and we were able to take it with us to go assist a customer. Many employees were against it and never used it and even one of the managers, who would sometimes take over the self-checkout machines while we went on our break, preferred and was for using the monitors. Well, when a new store was going to open, I decided to transfer there. Many new employees were hired, therefore I had somewhat an advantage of already knowing how to run the self-checkout, and I was placed there frequently. I would say most employees would rather be at self-checkout, I know I did. I believe that since it was a new store, the manager there would be able to establish new goals and would dictate the culture that she wanted at the store. Since, I started all the front-end…

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