The Five Love Languages Written By Gary Chapman Essay

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The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman was written to strengthen relationships not only between married couples, but also within dating relationships, coworkers, friendships and parents. The singles edition of this book just came out in 2014 because Chapman had been getting several requests to write a book aimed towards those who are not yet married. Throughout the book Chapman describes five different ways in which we can love and feel loved; Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Words of affirmation are the process of loving someone or feeling loved when we are congratulated or complimented. In dating relationships this can be used in saying you look great today or I really like your new haircut. In parent- child relationships this could be seen as a parents telling a child they are proud of them or a child telling their mom how great the supper was that she cooked. With co-workers we could see this as you do a really great job organizing the meeting or you did a great job decorating for the bosses party. Gifts do not have to be extravagant purchases or cost any money at all. Most people whose primary love language is gifts find the same amount of love in homemade gifts or even more. Gifts can mean to someone that you were thinking of them and wanted them to have something. It can also mean that you saw something and made you think of them and thought they needed to have it. Giving…

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