The Five Forms Of Government In The Ancient Greek Government

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Introduction Monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy were words that were coined by the Greeks to describe several forms of government. The Greek political system can be traced back to Athens and Sparta, two cities in Greece that was considered as the birth of civilization. This paper will compare and contrast the five forms of government in the ancient Greek city-states.
Monarchy comes from two Greek words “monos” meaning single and “arkhein,” meaning rule. In this form of government the ruling power comes from a single person, usually a king, and a council of advisors. This occurred around 2000 to 1200 B.C. Under this form of government in ancient Greece, the
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The word comes from the Greek word “oliga,” which means few. The form of government dominated ancient Greece during the period from 750 to 500 B.C. The oligarchs divided the different functions of the government amongst themselves and considered themselves as the best men to rule the cities. Their power comes from their vast wealth and exerted their influence on the military to protect them. The oligarchs are further divided into different categories depending on their worth in bushels of grain (Bard, n.d.). In fighting among the oligarchs were not uncommon. The most powerful oligarchs seized power from the rest of the group and lead to the development of Tyranny, another form of government in ancient …show more content…
Some of them have overlapped during periods where there were kings and aristocrats. Ancient democracy was unlike the modern-day democracy in the sense that not all people are represented. The five forms of government in ancient Greece were studied and embraced by historians and several leaders of governments and to this day forms a legacy of what ancient Greece was all about.
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