Essay about The Five Factor Model Of Personality

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In this following essay, I will be describing the background of the five-factor model and applying the chosen theory to my personality. I will also be highlighting the strengths and limitations with examples from my own background and history.
The theory that I chose to define my personality is the five-factor model of personality. This theory was developed independently by different theorists, however, Paul Costa’s and Robert McCrae’s version of the five-factor model is well-known today through the acronym ‘OCEAN’ and is discussed by most psychologists when referred to the five-factor model Reference. The five-factor model established the variabilities in an individual’s personalities through a small set of trait dimensions and in other terms is known as the ‘Big 5 Model’ Reference. Many personality psychologists approved that the importance of the five domains refer to capture the essence of the basic individual differences in personality and that other trait models can theorize personality with the use of the five-factor model. This model measures others personality traits ranging from different ages and cultures through the interviews, self-descriptions and observations.

The five traits presented in this theory is extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and the openness to experience. Openness to experience trait characterizes imagination and insight. The people who are high in this trait are most likely to be more adventurous and creative. Those…

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