The Five Faces Of Barack Obama By David Von Drehle

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The article “The Five Faces of Barack Obama” by David Von Drehle tells us about Obama’s five different faces. The article starts talking about Obama old age while he was at school. The way he would talk to people and goes in as a blank screen and ends up with everybody views. The five faces that are actually relevant are The Black Man, The Healer, The Novice, The Radical, and The Future.
To start with the first face was “The Black Man.” There’s always been a gap between each race. As a teenager one of Obama grandfather told him that white and blacks can not be friends ever no matter how close they appear to be. Race has always been an issue. Obama did not want to based his election based on race, like the article show him saying “I reject a
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With Obama background there’s always questions with his race. His grandfather is Muslim, and Barack also went to a Muslim school for a little because he lived in Indonesia which is a Muslim country. Some people were questioning this and thought maybe he could be danger since he had Muslim background from his …show more content…
Like he said in the article "We can 't keep doing the things we 've been doing and expect a different result." Year after year it is always the same thing. Nothing changes. Obama is the first president that wants to see change in a while. The people in America are ready to see something new, see if something would change, but will Obama be the person to do it? He wants to believe change will happen in his years of presidency as he promised the people.
In this article the author David Von Drehle, talks about the different faces of barack Obama. While there has always been a gap when it comes to race, Obama was trying to change that. He did not want to be labeled as only a black president, but he wanted the people in America to accept him for what his goals were and not for the skin color or background. He also wanted to see real change, he promised the people he was going to deliver as a president. Even though he gain some votes he also lost some too. He wanted the people in America to believe change was going to happen while his

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