The Five Acts Of Kindness

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Kindness is defined as having the quality to be generous, friendly, and considerate.Being kind to someone, and even yourself shows that you are driving a positive vibe into each other’s lives. Being kind can be difficult in certain situations, but sometimes it is necessary in order to be the “bigger person”. However, kindness is a win-win for both people, the one showing kindness, and the one receiving kindness. Some may argue that in today’s society, kindness is dying away, because of the recent tragic and controversial topics. We still should strive for kindness because without it, we would be instead mean and rude which would get us to nowhere. Doing a act of kindness can cause a chain-reaction of kindness to go off. Not only the person …show more content…
I all gave each of them a different, personalized letter for the friendship we have and for the admiration of their hard work. I felt pretty excited and anxious to see their reactions and after seeing it, I was honestly glad I did deliver those letters. Another act of kindness was that I spent more time with little brother than usual by doing whatever he wanted. I usually have a tight schedule and no free time at all, but I decided to try to dedicate a day just for my little brother. He was really happy to spending time with me, but seeing him happy made me even more happier. A third act of kindness I did was do the majority of the chores that my mom usually does because of the little free time she has. This included washing the dishes, countertops, and helping her cook. She goes to work in the morning and comes back home having to do some more housework. I wanted to give her some more extra free time and a break from having to do the same repetitive stuff she does almost everyday. I felt really satisfied that my mom can relax for a day and ease of the work she expected to do that day. The fourth act of kindness I did was personally thank the RHS lunch staff. Everyday. I did this because they are the ones that work hard to make sure we have a lunch and have whatever we want. Not many people realize how important they are of how they provide lunch to every single one of us. Without them, we may not have the best school lunch we may have now. When I thanked them, I had a feeling that I made their day better. Some just took the “thank you” as an unappreciated remark while others lit up with a bright smile. The fifth kindness act I commited or I actually have been committing for awhile is giving money/items to the homeless. I can never imagine myself in the situation they’re in and I’m always thankful for the basic necessities I have. It’s even more difficult for the less

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