The Fit Shop Essay

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The Fit Stop
The Fit Stop is a new firm that will be opening in the near future. The founder of the business is Susan Superfit. The company’s business objective is to sell all types of training, fitness, conditioning, and exercise equipment to the general public. The Fit Stop plans to specialize in this equipment and provide customers with personalized advice geared to customer needs. The owner, Susan suffered an injury while engaging in sports activities. She came up with the idea for this business during her recovery. She found that while there were plenty of business that sold fitness and conditioning equipment, they lacked in knowledge. They often gave poor advice on how to use the equipment and what was best to purchase
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A conscious effort is made to combine the thinking and the doing.
In the case of the Fit Stop, Susan has high expectations for her employees and requires them to undergo a high level of training. She believes that her employees should be highly motivated, knowledgeable, have a strong concern for their customers and be able to work in a team environment. Aside from personally helping customers, the roles of the physiotherapist and kinesiologist will be to train other employees in how each type of equipment can be used for various purposes. Sales staff will be given general training, but as time goes by, they will be expected to learn in depth about all the different pieces of equipment, help diagnose customer needs and explain proper usage of equipment. Jobs will be interesting and challenging and provide employees with considerable control over the planning and execution of their work.
Susan wants to start of quite large, with stores in the major cities in Ontario and the four western providences’. She is aware that this is a risky strategy, and that cost control will be essential. She does not expect the business to make a profit for at least one year or two years. This may put constraints on the compensation system for the first few years.
The Role of Compensation
In the case of the Fit Stop, what extent will intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards be used to motivate behaviour?
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