Essay about The Fit Of Social Work As Profession For You

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The “Fit” of Social Work as Profession for You “Marissa, what do you want to be when you grow up?” the question many people ask throughout my life and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who was asked this. My answer wasn’t social work, I didn’t even know what a social worker was until I was in middle school when someone described them as “kid’s snatchers”. I never bothered to look into it, I was too busy listening to my friend telling me about how a kid got taken away from their parents. When I was growing, I wanted to go to be a forensic investigator. I blame CSI and Law and Order for this because that’s how I got ‘inspired’ to go out and catch all the bad guys and find out who killed that person and why. I was always intrigued to mysteries and solving puzzles. My interest was set on it until high school. This is where reality hit and my dreams were crush on being a forensic investigator. First of all, you have to be good at science, biology and you have to pretty much like it because that’s what you’re basically doing for the job. Secondly, most of the college’s or universities around me didn’t offer it as a major, I was willing to give it a try but the cost and the distance didn’t help the situation. I lost hope one that major and decided to find a new one similar to it which was Criminal Justice. The only reason I thought of doing this major was simply because California State University of San Bernardino offered it and I could actually afford to go to this school…

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