The First Year Of University Essay

794 Words Oct 18th, 2015 4 Pages
The first year of university is a struggle for many students because their perception of university is not always the reality. High school classrooms were small with engaging conversations, lots of free time in and outside of classroom, less homework given by the teachers. Expectations being that of high school where if you do really well there, then your guaranteed success in university. High rates of students who got good grades in high school are experiencing a drastic average drop in their first year of university. The level of education they provided is noticeably different. First of all, more homework and labs are assigned by university professors, requiring students to spend more time working outside the classroom affecting sleep, mood, stress, diet, and overall schedule. Secondly, lectures may have hundreds of students, less one-on-one, personal attention vs. a conventional 30:1 classroom setting. Finally, with an increase in course-load, readings, assignments, and labs, students are required to get a large amount of homework done in a short period of time; often, will be causing stress. Many students drop out in their first year thinking, if they fail one thing it’s over, that is the wrong thing to do. If a student fails, it doesn’t mean they can’t get back up. It means work harder, and give themselves a chance. The first year of university is a learning process. It isn’t about being great and successful right away, or failing and being terrible. It’s about…

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