The First World War Was A Time Of Great Sorrow Essay

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Anytime there are mass human deaths is a time of great sorrow. The First World War was an example of one of these occasions. The state of the world spiraled out of control and violence ensued dealing a massive death toll. Due to its gravity, The First World War had a huge impact of shaping the world into what it is today, especially politically. The First World War impacted politics, and through politics gave countries a sense of nationalism, changed the face of politics of colonies and molded the way of how world relations, and their domino effect is today.

Nationalism, although a relatively new concept, today, is a part of the core identities of people all across the world. The First World War had a huge impact on this national identity forming. During the First World War, nationalism seemed to be one of the most reasonable explanations as to why so many nations flung themselves into war. As stated in lecture, “all sides believed they were morally right, and they could win”(5/3). The idea that a specific country was right, while the other was wrong stems from a common belief system, and this essentially is the root of nationalism, and based in the faith in the government. We can also say, this was one of the first times nationalism was seen in established countries as it is seen today. Continuing on the theme of nationalism, the First World War also gave some newly independent nations their identities. ““For some countries of the British Empire, nationhood was founded in…

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