The First World War II Essay

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The second World War saw the world in a different place than it had been at the time of World War I and the resulting boom of the “Roaring” twenties. The drastically different 1930s marked a time of international economic struggles, with the crash of the stock market and subsequent Great Depression in the United States creating a climate of struggle absorbed by Britain’s and most other international economies. World War II represented a time of perseverance, of true nationalism and incredible effort on the parts of virtually every caring citizen of the U.K., accompanied by a considerable financial toll on Britain’s economy, resulting in major enduring political and cultural changes across Britain, taking it into the modern age. There is no comparison for the way in which the genuine threat of the Nazis impacted the motivation behind Britain’s unity in fighting as a leading component of the Allied force during World War II. Whereas before, the first World War was a great toll on lives but on relatively equal-footing, World War II saw many countries attacked and controlled by an invasive, powerful, and imposingly large army made ever more terrifying by examination of their death tolls and ruthless murder of millions of innocent lives. The English were not willing to be subjected to the rule of the Nazis and with pushes from Winston Churchill, declared war on the Axis forces in 1939, launching the world into the most devastating and vastly felt war in history. World War I…

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