The First Underlying Theme Is Perseverance Essay example

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The first underlying theme is perseverance. Forrest Gump goes through many trials in his life and no matter how hard it got, he continued to persist. He had this trait ever since the beginning of the movie. When he was a child, he always found a way to continue and bear with his issues. The first time you see an example of Forrest Gump enduring is when he runs for the first time away from some of the neighborhood children who are picking on him and throwing rocks at him. Forrest then attempts to run, but has difficulties as he is still being hit with rocks and has his legs in stilts. He then has to bear the pain and then miraculously starts to run incredibly fast away from his pursuers as his leg braces fall off and break. This helps the movie increase its pathos for the show as it makes the audience feel empathy for Forrest as you are caring for him. Forrest running for the first time is the first example of his perseverance, but not the most influential. I believe that the most influential moment of Forrest’s perseverance is when he is in Vietnam. While Forrest is in Vietnam he had to endure and persist through many hard times, as he was in a difficult war for the Unites States. Forrest first had to bear with the harsh weather of Vietnam with its monsoons of continuous down poor among him and the platoon he was in. On top of the harsh weather, he had to deal with being away from his loved ones who were a whole continent apart. But as he was in Vietnam, he made friends…

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