The First Traumatic Events Of The 20th Century Essay

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The concept of generation has evolved throughout times, expanding globally and socially on a vast area of interest. The global generations have encountered major traumatic events which are now historical in the 20th century. In fact, the growth of global communication, broadcast, and technology has enhanced the way people communicate from national wide standpoint. As well as technology itself, varies of device such as television, radio, automobiles have been invented during those times to make communication much more convenient. Each generation had a different reaction as to how they responded to common problems, businesses, government, and how each individual was influence to the social and economic landscape. Cohorts comprise of those who share the same demographics, historical, or social life experience. For instance, individuals born in the same year within the same time interval are the birth cohorts also known as generation for that year. They are five birth cohorts in the 20th century. The birth cohorts are listed in order from the oldest to the present. It contains the swing generation, silent generation, baby boomers, generation x, generation y and so forth. To begin with, the swing generation also known as the G.I generation contains the birth cohorts group of the year 1900-1926. During this time period, this generation had to endure through the Great Depression, and fought in the World War II. After wining the war,…

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