The First Time I Started Playing Video Games Essay

1116 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
The first time I started playing video games was about when I was about six years old. I remember it was Christmas and my dad had just gotten me the Gameboy advance which was a pretty big deal back then. The game was Pokémon and it was the latest and newest game that most kids were playing or wanted to play. After a couple of hours of gameplay I noticed a couple of words that I didn’t know. Most of the time I wouldn’t bother my parents and asking them what they meant, instead I would grab the dictionary and look up the words I didn’t know from the game and see what they meant. My vocabulary started to expand and I would often surprise my parents that I knew this vocabulary mostly because I was just starting to learn English, my second language. The most important thing that I took away from playing video games would have to be the story mode of the video games. In the story mode of Pokémon or another such as Call of Duty or Batman, I would have to read in English and comprehend the language in order to know what I was doing. When I didn’t get some sentences in the story mode, I would reread and use some context clues in order to understand. I would also carry a thesaurus with me in order to look up words and similar words that I knew or understood. It would take me twice the amount of time to beat a game, but I knew it was worth it because in the long run I would be able to speak and understand English. As Barton and Hamilton said “Many literacy events in life are regular,…

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