Essay on The First Time I Learned Basketball

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The first time I learned basketball was when I am at the 6th grade when my physical education teacher registered me in a basketball summer camp. I used to be a shy and quiet girl but since joining the summer camp I started to socialize and have friends. After two months of learning basketball, I began to like it. Then, I started playing basketball in high school as part of my school’s team and I’ve been playing ever since. It started out as just an activity, and then became a hobby that’s something fun to do but later on, I found that I really like basketball. My parents and my friends were surprised when they knew I could really play basketball.

The first time I joined the team, I was so stiff and nervous because other players are much greater than me. But after a few months practicing and playing together, we have a great teamwork and we all definitely improved our skill. Then, we began to compete with other team in leagues that are held and organized by every school. I remember vividly my first game went great. We won the match and I was able to score some points.

Surely my team doesn’t win every game but the fact that I am practicing basketball regularly and really committed into it surprised my parents and friends as they never expected me to be a good basketball player because my posture is not the typical athletic body that is slim and tall, but rather, I have a short height and I’m a little bit fat.

(I don’t know what causes me to get addicted to basketball but…

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