The First Tenant Of Being A Global Leader Essay

1352 Words Apr 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Building partnerships is the fourth tenant of being a global leader. There are many examples of Trudeau taking initiative to embody this tenant. Building partnerships relies on the power of persuasion and the value of ideas. In his short time as PM, Trudeau has been good with building trust. To build partnerships building trust is very necessary. A prime example would be the relationship he has built with President Obama. He understands that that Obama is in his last term, but there is still time to build a good foundation for a relationship that can be transferred to the next President of the United States. The previously cited CNN joked that Obama and Trudeau agree on climate change, disagree of over hockey, which shows another element of how to build a partnership. The leaders must keep it positive. Successful global leaders create an atmosphere that encourages innovation and open communication as can be seen by the partnership between Trudeau and Obama. Global leaders must also be able to build partnerships with those who oppose them. Party polarization in the United States is causing lack of productivity here at home. In Canada, the situation is not as bad. While the conservatives do not agree with Trudeau, he provides them with open communication to work together. After all, everyone wants to see Canada succeed. Currently, the Liberal Party and Trudeau are also exploring whether or not to amend the Transpacific Partnership. This is a US led initiative to…

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