The First Technological Advances Of The Twentieth Century Essays

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Throughout time, the human race has used its intellect and creativity to produce astounding advancements in technology that have bettered the lives of generations to come. Beginning with the simple tools hunters and gatherers created in order to make their tasks more doable, to the mind-boggling technology of today, technology is forever shaping the world we live in. The twentieth century especially, was a time of achievement in which an abundance of advances were made. A truly great technological advancement is one that is able to stand the test of time. It is one that not only, reaches its expected potential and succeeds in its objective, but one that affects society in a way that will be forever remembered.
The purpose of this paper is to examine the ways in which the three greatest technological advances of the twentieth century came to be and the ways in which they changed society for the better. This paper will discuss how the television, cell phone, and Internet were the most influential and beneficial advances of the twentieth century demonstrated by the significant and essential role they play in society’s life.
For a long time, people have longed for a visual connection to the world around them. With the creation of the television, this dream was achieved. Albert Abramson states in his book, The History of Television, 1800 to 1941, that, “The pioneers involved were treading on ground
Colonna 2 that had never been covered. They were creating a new form of…

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