The First Statement That Was Given For The Mini Essay

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The first statement that was given for the mini essay is to make use and explains more of relevant examples. One of the goals that were written on top of the essay draft is to try to include as much examples as possible, possibly at least one in every paragraph.
In order to simplify the question to make it easier to analyze and to make use of examples, the ‘new graduates’ in the essay were explained as people in generation Y or Millennial generation. The second paragraph of the essay is a paragraph explaining the characteristics of generation Y people, which helps enable in depth research of the theories later in the essay. When discussing about the effectiveness of the uses of the two motivation theories, examples of different situations that may happen in the workplace were given to help visualized and illustrate the points easier. The second statement is about how the mini essay ends abruptly and it needs better conclusion. During the drafting process, researches on how to right a good conclusion were carried. Many tips that were given are such as including all of the main points, summarize what have been written and provide the justified answer to the essay. Although, the recommendations and the justifications of the effectiveness of the two theories were made on the paragraph before the conclusion to maintain the appropriate length for the conclusion, the conclusion made in this final essay covers all of the tips that were given. The summarized of the main points of…

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