The First Semester : A Study Tool For The Final Years Of Primary Education Wrap Up

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During senior year, many different learning experiences begin to reveal themselves, as the final years of primary education wrap up. The first semester of AP Literature may also present itself as harder or more difficult than the previous studies for high school English. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the crazy storm of homework. In the first semester, many new learning techniques were presented along with many new ideas. The first semester is centered around Greek mythology, the Anglo Saxon time period, and the Renaissance. Some of the major things that came in these studies were the deep thoughts of Plato and Aristotle. Other major issues covered were the many epic poems of a different time. There was even a little bit of Shakespeare involved. Week after week, a new text was studied and tested over. This was mainly because these texts were being used as preparation for the AP Exam, or the real reason in which students take this class. The intensive work is just a study tool for the students to become prepared for the exam that will determine free college credit or not. In the middle of all of this rigor, the students may actually fall in love with some of the texts. Some of the most favorited texts or important texts are the Odyssey by Homer, Dante’s Inferno by Dante Alighieri, Federigo 's Falcon by Giovanni Boccaccio.

The first of the many favorite texts of semester one is the Odyssey by Homer. This is one of the many favorited texts for several…

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