The First Record Of Europeans Sailing Into Australian Waters Essay

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The first record of Europeans sailing into Australian waters was noted in 1606. They were said to be observing the Terra Australis Incognita, which is translated to the unknown southern land .The first ship, known as Duyfken, to sail to this land was led by captain Willem Janzoon, a Dutch navigator and colonial governor. From 1606 to 1770, 54 European ships sailed to South Australia. Many of those ships came from Dutch East Indies Company (“Australian Stories”).
In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook, a British explorer who later discovered the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, explored the east coast on his ship known as Endeavor. Under instruction by King George II, he claimed the east coast of Australia on August 22, 1770 and named it “New South Wales.” Captain Arthur Phillip, a royal navy officer and the first governor of New South Wales, led 11 ships and 1,350 people to Botany Bay on January 18 through 20, 1788. However, Botany Bay was unsuitable for settlement causing the troops to head north towards Port Jackson for settlement on January 26th, 1788. They ended up settling at camp cove, which was known as “cadi” by the cardigal people. Captain Phillip had instructions to establish the first British colony in Australia, however the first fleet was unprepared for settlement and the soil at Sydney cove was poor, so they relied heavily on trading food with the aboriginal clans and developing farms in Parramatta. A total of 48 crewmembers died on the first fleet (“Australian…

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