Essay on The First Movement Of Beethoven 's Fifth Symphony

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In the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony it reflects Beethoven’s personal battle raging inside himself as he fought against his own emotions writing the composition. The piece starts out with the exposition exploiting the thirst theme with the well-known four notes often used on television. The theme varies from a soft, piano melody to a pounding almost “frustrated” forte notes. With the constant shifts it is easy to hear the internal conflict between two strong feelings: contentment and anger. Throughout the course of this part of the exposition I personally feel conflict, whether it be internal or external. There is a fight that is bold and not silent.
At the rise of the second theme the mood bellows a jubilee tune with a light and “feathery” affect. However, the first well-known notes are still present and are the last notes heard in the section triumphantly declaring that it’s existence. This particular section cultivates a feeling of peace and joy where things are looking brighter and better. By the end when the forte four notes return building to that last alarming sounds victoriously over that once peaceful melody.
The development begins with the powerful four notes passing back and forth from as the strings reiterate the bold horns. Slowly a crescendo builds and returns the “raging” notes. In the development there was a feeling of battling against reiterating the overall feeling of the piece itself. I feel a rising sensation of urgency and impatience…

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