The First Mini Case Big E. Bank, Global Consultants And Atlas Advertising

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This report investigates three mini cases as provided by the brief (insert book title), these include Big E. Bank, Global consultants and Atlas advertising. The first mini case Big E. Banking (BEB) discusses the problems with connecting networks together over a wide area, all using different protocols to communicate. The second mini case addresses the problems with software acquisition including the methods used to communicate across different software products. The third mini case investigates the types of networks and network protocols used by the fictitious company Atlas Advertising. Each mini case will addresses the problems stated above including a set of pro 's and con 's of any alternatives.
Big E. Bank
Big E. Bank (BEB) has recently merged with Ohio bank (OB), a small regional bank spanning thirty 30 branches spread over Ohio. BEB and OB both use a series of metropolitan (MAN), wide area (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) to connect associated branches. BEB and OB need to communicate, but both used different protocol standards, we have been commissioned to investigate 3 possible solutions. Leave two networks separate but install a translator at OB headquarters, replace the whole network with a single standard or replace OB 's WAN and MAN with the standard of BEB and install a translator at each branch.
The first proposal states leaving the two networks separate and installing a translator at OB 's headquarters. This approach is relatively inexpensive and requires…

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