The First Migration Into The Americas Essay

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The first migration into the Americas were from Native Americans also known as many different groups of Indians. The Native Americans took most of the Atlantic Seaboard area. Woodland Indians were a group which were divided based on their language into three. The first were the Algonquin Indians that stayed in the areas of Canada all the way too North Carolina. The Muskogean took over Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Lastly were the Iroquois which controlled the Great Lakes region and created a federation. Some more notable groups were the Plains Indians which lived off buffalo and housed in small groups. The Pueblo Indians lived in the US Southwest, they were farmers and created cultivating villages. They were distinguished in three groups, Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo. The first official English voyage into North America was led by John Cabot in the year 1495. The English were in the quest to find raw materials and labor that weren 't already in there country. The first standing of the an English colony was in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1609. The first encounter with Indians were the Powhatan Confederacy known as the Algonquian. An English settlers married Pocahontas the daughter of the Powhatan chief named, Wahunsenacawh. The English took Pocahontas to England trying to encourage England to invest into the new settlements. She later on died following her death her father, the Powhatan chief also passed away. There passing broke the relationship between the…

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