The First Lawsuit Against Da Vinci Essay

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His sales staff was note of his as being more concerned with quotas than the training and skills of the surgeons on the Da Vinci. In some instances, they would get the surgeons schedule of surgeries and try to convince them to use the Da Vinci the next day for certain surgeries. One of their sales leaders was quoted by the regional manager as saying, “Guys, it’s time to call in favors for these last 2 cases.” one sales leader wrote in an email with two days left in one quarter. We need to start calling our surgical champions who know our business first thing tomorrow. He also said in the interview, “We would go to hospitals in a local geography and get docs to pledge they would take business away to other hospitals if their hospital didn’t get the robot. This was echoed by several sales representatives.” (Media) They travel around the country meeting with hospital administrators and surgeons in most major hospitals and campuses in the United States.
Legal Issues Since the first lawsuit against Da Vinci was won in 2011, the has been a rise in the reports of injuries and death. Some feel that the increase resulted from better reporting practices and a more informed public due the media coverage of the first suit against Da Vinci. “The number of AERs for the da Vinci Surgical System filed with the FDA 's Manufacturer and User Facility Experience (MAUDE) database increased 34%, going from 211 in 2011 to 282 in 2012. During that period, the number of procedures…

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