Essay about The First Growth Of Slavery

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The first growth of slavery began in when the first African American arrived in Jamestown in 1619. The Africans arrived through the Dutch trading ships, and at that time they were not considered to be slaves but as indentured servants. The indenture servants are known as temporary slaves, they can be brought and sold and had to do what their master commanded. But after seven to ten years of labor, they would be paid their freedom dues. This might allow them to buy farms of their own. Not long after, slavery began to replace indenture servants. In 1661, Virginia was the first British colony, out of the thirteen to establish slavery and soon many others followed. The economies of the British colonies began to grow rapidly in North American as they depended more on slavery for the labor-intensive tobacco farming. Soon, tobaccos became so profitable that colonist created huge plantations, and care less about social structure. This resulted in a small class of wealthy landowners with a massive amount of servants.

Slavery became the norm in North American and in some colonies the population of Africans is starting to outnumber the whites. Thus, a series of slave codes was established to limit the rights of slaves. The colonies took after the Caribbean model of human labor, such as disallowing slaves to own guns, create contracts for their labor, and not allowing slaves go anywhere without their master’s permission. Taking such example, in 1639, Virginia implemented a slave code…

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