The First Goal Of The Program Essay

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Goal I The first goal of the program was to “Apply major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology to prepare for graduate study or careers in which psychological training is relevant”(). Two classes met this goal, Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111) taken at Anne Arundel Community College, and Introduction to Counseling Psychology (PSYC 432) taken at the University of Maryland University College. Introduction to Psychology was the first psychology course I took many years ago. It was the class I took because I had an empty slot on my schedule. I want really interested in the subject matter and didn’t expect much from the course. I was pleasantly surprised when I open the book and began reading. This course introduced me to different psychological theories and concepts while also discussing various topics like the psychological basis of behaviors and emotions (AACC). It was also in this course was able to see certain trends that have occurred throughout the development psychology as a discipline. I noticed that while many of the fundamentals remained the same, psychology evolved and split into separate disciplines as needed in order to meet the needs of society and the people it is comprised of (). There is a current trend emerging now dealing with cybercounseling becoming a new form of treatment options available (). Introduction to Counseling Psychology allowed me to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of…

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