The First Generation College Students Essay

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Among a swarm full of aspiring college students, many students are obliviously categorized and partake the role of being a first generation college student. How would you define a first generation college student? A first generation college student, is the first person within their family generation to attend college. Even though going to college is exciting and deemed to be promising for a great future, it is also very challenging. With that being said, first generation college students seem to have some road blocks that may apprehend them or motivate them. So, what do first generation college students worry about the most? Past research suggests that immigrant students feel stressed in trying to adopt to new culture (Mena, Padilla, Maldonado, 1987).
After talking to 3 first generation college students from Langston University, Tennessee State University, and the University of Memphis, I discovered that the thing that these particular first generation college students worried about would be the fact of not knowing and being completely on their own because there is no one to help guide them neither do they know who to turn to for help other than their professors. It seems as though there is not enough support when it comes to some aspects of living the college life, but it does not seem intentional simply because their support system does not know how to prepare them for college. They only understand that going to college means a better future.

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