The First Female Ips Officer Of The Country Essay

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So, finally just as Arvind Kejriwal had jumped into politics despite repeated denials, Kiran Bedi too has joined politics. A year back, when she was asked about joining politics, she out rightly rejected the suggestion and said that she believes in reforming the political system from outside. But, we all know that our views and opinions change over period of time and more importantly she being a free citizen of this country has every right to do so.

Kiran Bedi was the first female IPS officer of the country. She has been a source of motivation for many of us, especially females. In public sphere she is known as a ‘super cop’/’Iron Lady’ and a brave officer who did not fear from taking on those who were on the other of the law. I will try to decode the public image of her through a timeline of her career as an officer and later as an activist.

Let’s start with the famous ‘crane incident’. She has been hailed as a strong officer who had guts to tow-away the car of then PM, Indira Gandhi. Recently she was asked about the daring decision of her by a student. She said, “I knew that I will be transferred when I decided to lift Indira Gandhi 's car (for wrong parking). I gave a thought to it and decided to do what was right then. Wahi hua jo sabeke saath hota hai" (same thing happened which happens with all others). I was transferred to Goa the next day but that did not deter me from doing right things because of my strong foundation of knowledge and value system.” But this is…

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