The First Family Death That Changed My Life Essay

834 Words Jul 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout my life I have really only experienced three close family deaths. The first family death that I experienced was my great grandmother. I was only ten years old when she passed away, so it was all very strange to me. It was the first family funeral that I had to attend and I do not think I fully understood it. The one thing I remember most about her death is the day she died in the hospital. My parents and I had gone to the hospital to visit her because the doctors had called and said she was getting worse. I remember begging my parents to let me see her and they would not allow me to go in her hospital room. I was younger then so I could not understand why my parents would not let me go in there. I learned when I was older that her body was filled with extra fluid and my parents did not want me to see that at such a young age. One thing I can remember at the visitation everyone was just hugging people and crying. They would just make their way down the isle and talk to my family members. This was something I was not expecting either. The second major death that I encountered during my life was my grandfather. When my grandfather passed away I was only eleven years old, so I do not think I fully understand what was going on here either. I had experienced a family funeral before, so I was prepared for all that. My grandfather had worked off shore most of his life, so I was not able to get extremely close to him until the last year he was alive. My…

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