The First Ever Music Television Station Essay

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The 1970’s was a troubling time for America, we were just getting over the end of the Vietnam War where we had lost many American soldiers. However, America began to welcome the change that would occur in the 1980’s. So much change was going on, it was difficult to keep track. The first ever Music Television station came to be which had changed the industry of music forever. Fans were able to keep in touch with their favorite artists through television. New technology was being created which lead to America becoming a faster paced society. Everywhere you would turn your head something different was happening. One thing that has changed America forever was the beginning of AIDS.
The first ever hearing about AIDS was when the government announced in 1981 was when five homosexual had spread an unusual sign of pneumonia (, 2015). By the time that the report has gotten out of the discovery of AIDS, two of the men had died. This came as a shock to America, because it seemed as everything was finally going right and this seemed as a stoppage. Within days from the discovery, many other doctors across the United States have reported similar cases. At the end of the year they was an average total of 270 recorded men with the disease, and 121 of those men had died. There were no clinics, for the individuals that were diagnosed with AIDS. Until the beginning of 1982, the first clinic in San Francisco was created (, 2015). After the discovery of the clinic,…

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