Essay about The First Day Of Senior Year

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On the first day of senior year there was only one course I was worried about succeeding in: Duel Enrollment. This course includes English 111 and English 112, which I would be receiving college credit for if I managed to get a “C” or better.
Throughout my earlier years of high school, I was never taught how to properly write a paper. My English classes mainly focused on vocabulary and sentence structure, which is essential to writing a decent paper, but I had no idea how to even begin one. Although I passed my placement test into duel enrollment, I still had my doubts. Within the first few weeks, we were given our first assignment; A 5 page narrative paper. I was terrified that I would fail, and that I would need to be transferred out of the class. Regardless of my fears, I worked hard and received an 86% on it. This gave me a confidence boost; I thought that I might really be able to succeed in this course, and I did. In English 111, I focused mostly on being comfortable with my writing, expanding my vocabulary, and organizing my thoughts in a concise, clear way. When completing English 111, I still felt like there was much more for me to learn. I went into English 112 confident, and ready to become a better writer than I have ever been. I reflected on my strengths and weaknesses, which helped me set specific goals for myself. During this course, my personal goals were focusing on word choice, sentence structure, and organization within my writing. I
achieved these goals…

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