The First Day Of School Essay

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Autumn rolls in and the adverts of backpack and pencil sales crop up. The first day of school is upon every student before they know it. New and familiar faces accompanied by awkward greetings and reminiscent small talk. One by one the weeks pass by and “BAM” the hectic preparations for testing has everyone to their knees. Teachers are cramming every ounce of knowledge possible before the big day while students juggled their studies and their own personal lives. The test finally passes and the stress blows over, like a firm weight being lifted off everyone’s shoulders--until the next test of course.
From the start of elementary school, I slowly came to realize the purpose of school and the worth of myself through numbers and figures. I remembered feeling a sense of innocence and intrigue when it came to learning for the very first time.
As I climbed up one grade at a time as a young pupil, I would always be faced with the “big test” every year. The same scenario would repeat, instructions would be given, and a small thin paperback book alongside a sharpened #2 pencil would be placed on my desk. Tension and stress would fill the silent classroom as I filled in one bubble at a time. For me, that day would mark the days of true panic as I nervously hoped that my score was up to par.
Leaving elementary school and beginning middle school was a new experience for me. It was a jump into a new environment. Being in the same school for the past six years and then leaving was like a…

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