Essay on The First Day Of Football Practice

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Losing a friend or a loved one can be hard for anyone, especially when losing a best friend at the age of thirteen. Losing a friend at that age can be heartbreaking. I understood what had happened, but trying to comprehend the “why,” was something that I could not figure out. Daniel was one of those friends who would always be on your side no matter the situation. He was a caring and genuine person. I cannot remember a time where I did not see a smile on his face. That is one part of him that I will never forget. Daniel and I had met in the fourth grade. The first day of football practice we had been messing around and joking with each other, when our coach had told us to run to a tree and back. As we were running, we kept laughing and laughing. We had become best friends at that very moment. Over the years we kept playing football together, and every year it seemed that we would be on the same team We had played for Eden Prairie Association Football, which was our youth football program. Every year we would have a ‘tryout’ and the coaches would have a draft to pick the teams. Football had been one of the greatest things about Eden Prairie. We both had dreamed of playing on the varsity team when we were kids, and it was only a matter of time til we could be dominating other high schools together. Daniel and I attended Oak Point Intermediate School and Central Middle School together. School was something that he had excelled at. When he was in middle school…

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