Essay about The First Crusade Of The Carolingian Empire

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In the year 1096, the First Crusade launched on a three year long campaign towards the Holy Lands. In that Crusade the Carolingian Empire was called to partake by the words of Pope Urban II, who proposed sending troops to fight the Seljuk Turks and take back Jerusalem. The Seljuk Turks started gaining power and territory in 1030 and took over Jerusalem in 1071, kicking out the Byzantines. The First Crusade had created tension between the Muslim Turks and the western Romans. In this essay, I will expand on the importance of the Carolingian Empire and the role they played in the First Crusade, the religious roles that the Arabs played in the Holy Land, as well as the relationship between the Crusaders and the Arabs and how the Crusaders were perceived by the Arabs at that time. All of the above mentioned points were determinant factors in the outcome of the First Crusade.
The Carolingian Empire was an expanded state of the Franks, and fought mainly against the Arabs during the First Crusade. At that time, the Franks were led by Charlemagne, otherwise known as ‘King of the Franks”. In 800 AD, he was anointed Imperator Romanorum marking the beginning of his reign, the beginning of the Carolinians Empire and by doing so he brought back and founded a new Holy (Western) Roman Empire. The Franks, under his rule, were at their finest. The Carolingian Dynasty was located in central Europe during the beginning of the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, the city of Jerusalem was under the…

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