The First Crusade By Christopher Tyerman Essay

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A Violent Disagreement Religions have a tendency to dictate a person’s life. There are millions of people around the world who not only belong to a religion, but their lifestyle is influenced by their religion. When a person has such a deep attachment with something, it is very difficult to for them to change their belief or love for that certain thing. One of the “easiest” ways to get somebody to change their belief on something that they’ve dedicated a huge portion of their life to is by violently stripping it away from them. In Chronicles of the First Crusade by Christopher Tyerman, he helps us further explain how Christians managed to reconvert Jerusalem into a Christian country. The whole purpose of the crusade was to convert non-Christians into Christians. The most effective way to do so was by target non-Christian groups and starting wars against them. In order for somebody that was non-Christian to remain alive, they had to leave their past and their religion and convert into Christianity. In this paper, I will explain how the writers that were sympathetic to the first crusade condoned the violence that was committed by the Christians armies. I believe that the writers feel sympathetic due to the hatred that the Christians had with the Jews, Christians believing that God was on their side and Christians giving an option to convert from their religion in order to not be killed.
The writers who were sympathetic of the Christians war against non-Christians claimed…

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