Essay about The First Conversation With My Best Friend

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1) The first conversation is with my best friend. At breakfast, he mentioned that he read about someone becoming very upset about recent political events. I asked him what it was about, and he discussed the details of the event (active listening). As we walk to class, I mentioned my progress on a research project I have for my major. He mentioned that as a chemistry major, he did not have to do senior research, as I do, just a presentation. I asked him what his presentation was about, and he replies “organometallics”. I asked him what it is about the compounds he finds interesting (active listening), and he describes the unusual chemistry associated with them. Upon arriving at class, he said that the pace of the biochemistry course is too fast. I said, “It seems really stressful for you. Is there any way I could help?” (Active feedback, relationship paraphrase). He said that yes, it is too much for him, and that it would be good if I can send him one of the study guides I make for each chapter, as the last one was very helpful. I asked him what it is about them that he liked (active listening), and he told me that he likes my clear formatting and my use of pictures I find online. I told him that I would be sure to send it to him, and keep using those techniques. At this point, class began.
Analysis: This was a casual conversation with a close friend, who does not speak much, like me. It is because of this I had to prompt him to continue conversation, so it was primarily…

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