The First Class I Was Given The Opportunity For Shadow Was Ms. Brown

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The second class that I was given the opportunity to shadow was Ms. Brown; a fourth grade teacher. The administrative personnel recommended her to me. They said that she is a great teacher and that I was going to enjoy shadowing her class. When I entered her class I felt a lot of positive energy coming from her and transmitting it to the students as well as to me. The classroom was small and there was little room to walk around, but the classroom was organized with a less clutter than the first grade class. However, I did notice that Ms. Brown’s classroom was smaller than Ms. Nishimuras’. Even though, Ms. Brown had more students. In addition, I felt welcome not just by Ms. Brown, but by her student teacher. The student teacher was nice to me and she had the time to explain to me that she was a helper teacher student from UC Davis.
As I observed, Ms. Brown was giving a lesson about finding facts to support a statement from the material. I notice that a few students had actual books and most of the class had copies of the book, which was great because they were highlighting facts from the reading. However, I did notice that the students were having trouble in finding the fact to the question that Ms. Brown asked. The students were saying facts, but they had nothing to do with what the teacher was asking. Ms. Brown stopped everything and she block read with them again a paragraph. After she read with the students they were able to get a better understanding. I also, noticed…

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