The First Civil Rights Act Essay

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The system of segregation was a law that separated the races. Many Southerners were upset that the former slaves had the same rights as everyone else after Lincoln declared them emancipated. The first Civil Rights Act passed in 1875 gave African Americans rights to be treated fairly in public and on public transportation. Ultimately, the court passed the Jim Crow laws separating the races in the South. In 1890, Louisiana had a separate car law that passed for black and whites. If blacks were found sitting in the white’s only area, they were fined. Plessy had a problem with legal segregation. He was a man that was seven eighths white and one eighth black who decided he would sit on the white’s only side of the railroad car. In the Plessy vs. Ferguson case, Plessy had equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment. According to the amendment, he had accommodations for them everything was separate but equal.
Secondly, African Americans were disfranchised from voting. The Southerners had formal and informal ways of depriving them. One way was a literacy test. Blacks had to read and explain the Constitution. If they could not pass it, they could not vote. Another was that they had to show proof of identification. Many did not own a birth certificate to be able to get an I.D. Also, the south tried to stop them from voting by a grandfather clause. If their family could not vote, they could not vote. Blacks had to own so much property to be able to vote. In addition, if African…

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