The First Book Of The March Trilogy Essay

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The first book of the March trilogy, follows the story of Congressmen John Lewis. As a child, he grew up in rural Alabama on a farm with his parents. His uncle took him on a trip to New York that opened up his eyes to segregation and social injustice. This is when he realized what Jim Crow laws were. After returning home, he saw that his own hometown had civil injustices between races. As a young college student, he met a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation named Jim Lawson who got him involved with the organization. Lewis led nonviolent sit-ins on local department stores and rode on the first Freedom Rides. As sit-ins became progressively more frequent and increased in numbers, reactions grew with court convictions and arrests. Finally, six department stores agreed to serve food to black patrons on May 10, 1960. This is where the first book ends. The second book picks up where it ends with the success of the nonviolent protests. They decided to expand their protests to movie theaters, restaurants, and cafeterias. Their peacefulness was met with increasing forms of violence from being beaten to being fumigated with insect killer. To see if Southern states were upholding the desegregation of busses, a group of protesters hosted the Freedom Ride and drove from Washington D.C. toward New Orleans. During this time, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and his aide John Seigenthaler meet the Freedom Riders as they work to protect their rights. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came…

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